Top 4 Best Citrus Juicers in 2022

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Squeezing oranges one by one to prepare a good juice for family or guests is exhausting and tedious. So that the preparation of orange, lemon or grapefruit juice does not become a chore, equip yourself with a good citrus juicer.

Manual or electric, more and more brands offer models that facilitate the daily life of users.

1. Best value for money: Russell Hobbs Classics 22760-56 Looking for a modern, stylish and efficient citrus press? The Russel Hobbs Classics model helps you quickly prepare your fruit juices thanks to its 2 interchangeable cones.

The Russell Hobbs Classics 22760-56 Citrus Juicer makes it possible to drink a glass of fresh orange juice without much effort. No matter the size of citrus you want to squeeze, take advantage of its 2 rotating extraction cones. On the design side, made of stainless steel and decorated with small touches of black, it is very elegant. You will proudly place it in your kitchen.

Equipped with a drip-free spout, this Russell Hobbs designed citrus juicer gives you the ability to fill tall glasses in no time. In addition, you do not risk dirtying the work area. As for how it works, the cone turns on automatically as soon as you press the fruit on it.

2. Best Cheap: Lechin Manual Citrus Juicer

If you like light and aesthetic kitchen appliances, the Lechin manual juicer will suit you. Resistant, easy to use, safe, take advantage of its advantages to prepare your juices.

The Lechin manual juicer stands out for its exclusive lemon-shaped design. Small and pretty, it will complete your kitchen utensils, especially since you can choose between 3 colours: pink, green and yellow. All the parts that make it up are made of pure PP, a shock-resistant plastic material that withstands a temperature of 120°C. That said, chemical free, even use it to prepare baby bottles.

To ensure its performance, the lid of this juicer holds the fruit securely and keeps your hands clean. With its two sharp cones, you will get a quality juice without hurting yourself. Side bowl has a pouring spout and non-slip seal. However, avoid juicing hard fruits with low performance level.

3. Best High-End: H. Hoenig AGR86

Thanks to this electric citrus juicer AGR86 from H.Hoenig, quickly serve juice to your guests or clients. Silent, easy to clean and modern, take advantage of its various features to spend less effort.

To make delicious vitamin juices, the H.Hoenig AGR86 electric juicer promises to be the essential device. Professional and high-end model, it has an articulated arm so you can squeeze your fruit more easily. With its non-drip spout, limit the mess in your kitchen and pour juice directly into a glass.

For a quick cleanup, simply disassemble the pieces and place them in the dishwasher. With a power of 160 W, this machine will be useful for preparing large quantities of juice. Plus, that's why restaurants choose it. Not to mention that when turned on, being silent and compact, the juicer does not disturb those around you.

4. Excellent choice: BLACK+DECKER BXCJ350E

The BLACK+DECKER BXCJ350E offers this powerful citrus juicer equipped with suction cups to ensure better stability in use and a lever to squeeze the citrus to the last drop of juice.

Being a lever juicer that incorporates a powerful motor, the BLACK+DECKER BXCJ350E exerts a strong pressure on your fruit. So you get the maximum amount of juice effortlessly. So that you can squeeze all kinds of citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges and lemons, the brand offers two cones of different sizes.

The BLACK+DECKER BXCJ350E Soft Touch handle lever makes the juicing process more stable and efficient. At the same time, it is equipped with suction cups on the feet to fix it to the counter and two filters: one in stainless steel, the other with a pulp regulator. For cleaning, since all the components can be disassembled, it is enough to put them in the dishwasher.

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