The best smart home trainers in 2022

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Unlike a classic model, a smart home trainer or bike trainer will allow you to improve. Using its various sensors, you can monitor important data such as heart rate or speed. In addition, they are capable of connecting to the internet and applications such as Strava.

To help you choose the right one, we've put together this comprehensive guide.

1. Entry Trainer: Tacx Flux S

The home trainer or smart trainer is the Tacx Flux S. Its perfect compatibility, reliability and stability guarantee exceptional comfort. Among other things, it is the best pedaling ally you can have.

Reliable and precise, the Tacx Flux S has the right capabilities for intensive exercises. It works by means of an electromagnetic resistance, guaranteeing extreme pedaling fluidity. The stand has a good stability that allows you to hold your bike without any problem. Its slope simulation reaches 10%, a high performance for a device of this type.

It also has the great advantage of a lower noise level, giving you greater ease of hearing, leading to steady concentration. The device is compatible with popular training apps like Kinomap, Virtual Training and TrainerRoad. You will easily work with this connected home trainer from your smartphone or PC. It has a good reactivity according to your exercises.

2. Best cheap: Elite 344590001

You will find just what you need by equipping yourself with this smart home-trainer or bicycle trainer with extraordinary performance and at a more than affordable price. This model is unanimous among many others in its range.

Its design can be adapted to the different bicycle models of your choice. Connecting the bike to this smart home trainer is relatively simple. The Elite 344590001 allows you to train correctly thanks to its compatibility with the My E-Training, Zwift, Trainerroad and Kinomap applications. You will experience realistic sensations from the top of your bike.

The device provides accurate pedaling results based on reliable data on cadence, speed and power. Switching is automatic with Elite 344590001. For the performance of this scale, it will not cost you much and will allow you to invest in other necessary equipment.

3. Best High-End: Saris Adult H3

If you want to invest in the highest quality smart home trainer, there is still the Saris Adult H3, with unique simulator properties and effective compatibility. Stable and silent, this device guarantees reliability.

The Saris Adult H3 has the features you need to manage your training, namely cadence, speed and power data. The model has seen improvements in sound quality, measurement accuracy, and cooling. The weight of the flywheel improves pedaling.

The folding legs of the Saris Adult H3 offer better stability to the device and, above all, facilitate its storage. Installing the bike on this connected home trainer is very simple: just remove the rear wheel of the bike and fit it on the device, and you're good to go. Immerse yourself in the whole environment of pedaling from home, the Saris Adult H3 offers you the realistic sensations you are looking for.

4. Excellent choice: Elite Zumo

Quality and prestige meet with this smart interactive home trainer: the Elite Zumo is equipped with fully immersive features that guarantee a unique and realistic comfort.

The Elite Zumo is a modernized version that wanted to give you reliability, precision and stability in use. Its total interactivity allows you to manage your training from any application you choose. The uphill and downhill simulations have been specially designed for exceptional realistic sensations.

You'll pedal smoothly off the top of your bike thanks to the responsiveness of this connected home trainer. The fully stable Elite Zumo demonstrates systematic flexibility by easily following your body's movements. The best thing about this unit is its versatility, as it easily fits common sprocket cassettes you may already have.

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