The best home gyms in 2022

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Doing strength training at home is more advantageous these days. But how do you choose the right home gym? Here is our selection of the best weight training stations at home.

1. Best value for money: TecTake Multi-Station Professional or amateur athletes, this weight machine offers an almost complete training space. It offers you a multitude of varied and effective exercises.

To properly maintain the body and gain muscle, the TecTake home gym will be your best ally. This bodybuilding station consists, among other things, of a double traction bar that allows you to perform various types of physical exercises, dip bars with adjustable width between 56 and 67 cm as well as solid and adjustable supports for your dumbbells.

The Tectake is suitable for both professionals (such as bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes, cyclists, etc.) and casual athletes. The fitness device shows incredible solidity. Designed with resistant steel of about 5 cm, its 2 height-adjustable crossbars guarantee optimal stability and safety of use.

2. Best Cheap: Pull Up Fitness Roman Chair Pull Up Bar

The Pull Up Fitness pull-up bar is a roman chair that no longer requires fixing. No more pinning your pull up bar to a door knob (and damaging it).

With a surface of 118 x 88 cm, the Pull Up Fitness pull-up bar can support a maximum load of up to 150 kg. In fact, this weight equipment has a relatively robust metal frame, as well as an enlarged base for better stability on the ground. Its height can be adjusted as needed.

Thanks to its characteristics, you will be able to perform the following exercises: pull-ups in supine position (chin-up) to strengthen biceps and back muscles. Pull-ups to develop the back muscles (latissimus dorsi and teres major). Tight-grip pull-ups to build trapezius muscles. It also allows you to do dips that allow you to work a large part of the bust muscles since they require the pectorals, the anterior deltoids, the triceps, the latissimus dorsi, the trapezius muscles and the abdominals to a lesser extent. 10 min a day is enough to get results.

3. Best High-End: Bowflex - PR1000 Multifunctional Gym Station

Train and burn calories at home with the Bowflex PR1000 - it features a vertical bench and lateral pull for upper body exercises, plus a padded roller pad for squats, leg raises and extensions. Plus, it folds up for convenient storage.

This reasonably priced strength station really does it all, the Bowflex PR1000 Multi-Function Strength Station can be used to perform 25 different strength exercises. It also includes the rowing function that will allow you to eliminate all unwanted calories very quickly. And it uses a power bar resistance system instead of cables and pulleys to make transition time between movements faster and more efficient. With multiple pulley positions, you can set the angle of resistance you get from the rods. The horizontal bench allows you to perform chest presses as you would on a normal weight bench, while the upper pulleys allow you to pull the load down for a variety of back exercises.

Along the same horizontal bench is a rolling seat that also allows for rowing exercises, which are a great cardio workout that incorporates many muscle groups. A leg attachment allows you to work your quads and hamstrings to work your lower body, while there are plenty of options to work your biceps, triceps and shoulders simply by using the pull-up system to your advantage. The amount of resistance you can get with the Bowflex PR1000 is up to 95kg.

4. Excellent option: Klarfit Ultimate 3000 Gym

Do you want to burn fat, tone your muscles, build muscle or improve your physical condition? This versatile Klar Fit Ultimate Gym strength station will meet all your needs.

The KLAR FIT Ultimate Gym weight station offers you optimal wearing comfort. Of multifunction type, it allows you to carry out thirty exercises. Designed with ultra-resistant materials, it can support up to 150 kg. With the MultiGym concept you will have 7 stations combined in a single device

Its dimension of 88 x 214 x 165 cm is a good asset so you can install it in the room as you wish. Various accessories such as pulleys, cable, weight plate are delivered with the frame. If you are looking to sculpt a slim and athletic body at home, we highly recommend this gym equipment.

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