The best gel nail polishes

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Gel nail polish is one of the latest additions to manicure. Despite this late arrival, it has become essential. It adds shine and elegance and can last for days.

With most of the world's cosmetic giants embarking on its production, choosing one can become a headache. We present you a selection of 10 trendy gel nail polishes.

1. Essence Shine Last & Go!

Smooth, ultra flexible and with an impressive shine, the Gel Nail Polish Shine Last & Go! Signature essence will allow you to enjoy a long-lasting manicure. With just a few brush strokes, its intense color and exceptional shine are sure to enhance your nails for weeks to come.

2. Essie Haute Couture Gel 2

Don't have enough time for manicure sessions but want to look impeccable and shiny nails every day? Essie's Gel Couture nail polish lets you do just that. From the first impression, you will be won over by the depth and luminosity of this long-lasting nail polish.

3. Hybrid Professional Eveline Cosmetics 3

With this long-lasting nail polish designed in the laboratories of Eveline Cosmetics, you no longer need to leave the house to show off perfect nails. All you need is a UV/LED lamp, a few applications with a super-precise flat brush, and you'll get a particularly shiny effect that lasts for at least 2 weeks.

4. Gel Stay and Care Nocibe 4

Treat yourself to perfect manicure sessions at home with this Nocibé gel nail polish. Offering a mirror shine, it will last for at least 10 days without damaging nails or cuticles. You can choose from a panel of 20 shades ranging from red to beige through orange and black.

5. UV Hybrid Semilac 5

No need to go to the beautician to impress those around you with stunning nails. Thanks to this gel nail polish, you will strengthen your nails, which will become less brittle and will not split. Finally, you can choose between twenty colors, all guaranteeing a long duration.

6. Miracle Frostbite Sally Hansen 6

Give yourself the means to have perfect nails without going to a beauty salon. In fact, with this Sally Hansen gel nail polish, a single coat will be enough to give you intense color that will last for at least two weeks. Also, your nails will look much neater.

7. Kate Rimmel 7 Super Gel

Do you want to have shiny nails with 3D effects? And if it lasts more than two weeks, will it be perfect? With Rimmel's Super Gel By Kate and its biphasic technology, you'll get that and more. In fact, this gel nail polish has other surprises in store for you.

8. Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish 8

Do you want to have bright nails with as many colors as possible but first of all it has to last? Choose Rimmel's Super Gel Nail Polish. Simply apply two coats of Super Color Gel and finish with a top coat and you'll get amazing results.

9. Nail Effect Gel Inc. 9

With this Gel Effect nail polish from Nils Inc, manicures have never been so pleasant. It is enough to apply the varnish on the nails with a small brush and you will get an impressive manicure effect with a particularly rich and luminous color. Please note that this is a long lasting gel nail polish.

10. Mailfinity Gel Color Max Factor 10

Nothing like nails sporting a luminous and rich color with a lot of shine to feel good about yourself. With Max Factor Gel Nail Polish, there is no need to call the beautician to do this. In addition, your nails will keep their appearance, even after two weeks of application.

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