The best mini blenders in 2022

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The mini mixer becomes a must for all kitchens. Its compact size and speed of operation make it the equipment of choice for those who want to prepare smoothies and fruit juices in individual portions. Do you want to have one on hand? Here is our guide.

1. Entry Pick: Breville Blend Active Pro VBL120X

The Breville Blend Active Pro VBL120X flaunts a sleek design. It has no problem fitting in with all kitchen decorations thanks to the black lacquered color of its base decorated with a few touches of chrome. The mini blender displays a power of 300 W. Thanks to the mini chopper it has the capacity to grind any ingredient, even ice. In addition, the device is equipped with detachable oblique blades that can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

The Breville Blend Active Pro VBL120X comes with an Eastman Tritan Copolyester bottle with a capacity of 500 ml, guaranteed BPA-free and therefore ideal for preserving your health. This container is also equipped with a non-slip rubber band that guarantees an optimal grip. You can use it as a water bottle. To do this, simply put your smoothies, juices, protein drinks, mix, put on the anti-drip lid and take it with you. Keep in mind that the material the bottle is made from limits potential taste and odor transfer while resisting stains and bumps.

2. Best cheap: IKOHS BT-Me Retro Line

From now on you can take care of your health thanks to this mini blender. The process of making your fruit and vegetable juices will always be a moment of pleasure.

You will be seduced by the cool look of the IKOHS Retro Line BT-Moi, a practical and easy-to-use mini blender. The union between black and white colors will bring style to your kitchen. Thanks to this compact device, you can prepare smoothies or single-dose juices in seconds.

The IKOHS Retro Line BT-Moi is extraordinarily robust. It has been designed with top quality materials, including the stainless steel that makes up both the base and the blades. Take your drink with you everywhere in the 400 ml glass with airtight lid and practical handle.

3. Best High-End: VonShef 8000026 Personal Blender

The VonShef 8000026 Personal Blender fits any lifestyle. It will be a perfect ally to lose weight, maintain a good physical condition or adopt a healthy lifestyle.

This is a must-have blender if you regularly make energy drinks, smoothies or fresh juices. Its powerful 1000 W motor offers a turning speed of up to 25,000 rpm. Working closely with 301 stainless steel blades, the set promises you smooth, flavor-rich results. It even manages to crush pieces of ice, proof of its high performance.

The VonShef 8000026 Personal Blender comes with all the necessary accessories including the 800ml pitcher, 500ml blender jar, leak-proof lid and spout lid, all dishwasher safe. The suction cups located on the base act as feet and ensure excellent stability for the device.

4. Cheap alternative: Baron Aigostar

Your protein shakes and smoothies are always at hand with the Aigostar Baron mini blender. In addition to the 1L bottle, you will also receive the 600mL Tritan Portable Water Bottle. The multifunctional property of this model will bring you countless advantages. It can play the role of a classic blender and that of a mini-blender due to the presence of its 2 containers (1 L jar and 600 mL bottle). It is possible to adjust the speed on 2 levels depending on the ingredients used or simply activate the function to save time. Please note that the bottle is equipped with an ultra-practical filter grid as well as a measuring cap.

Sauces, smoothies, fruit or vegetable juices, purees, can be made with the Aigostar Baron mini blender. Its 350 W motor and its 4 stainless steel blades allow you to vary the pleasures and prepare a multitude of recipes with ease. For maximum stability, the base has non-slip rubber feet.

5. Very good option: H.Koenig SMOO9

This is a mini blender with a capacity of 570ml. Its design is very solid and it supports mixing very well to have a good shake. Very attractive, this mini blender from H.Koenig has a beautiful design. It is accompanied by 2 plastic bottles that allow its user to enjoy a well-preserved milkshake. Its stainless steel base gives it great resistance, allowing it to easily crush ice cubes. Highly waterproof, your brew is not likely to overflow or leak out of the container.

In addition to its stainless steel base, its body is also covered in the same material, but with a brushed texture to give it more elegance. Do not be afraid, if unfortunately, the bowl falls, there will be no breakage. To perfect your preparation, it is equipped with 4 stainless steel blades.

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