The best grand pianos in 2022

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Are you a music lover or a professional and want to have a high performance device? A grand piano is the best solution for both beginners and professionals. Not to mention, this type of instrument provides quite a stylish decoration in your home.

It will also give you great sound quality when using it. Currently there are several models.

1. Very good choice: Kawai GL-10 E/P Grand grand piano

The Kawai GL-10 E/P Grand grand piano gives you superior sound. This piano is easy to play and can also fit in any room in your home, especially since it is so compact.

The Kawai GL-10 E/P grand piano is made with ABS Millennium III carbon mechanics, resistant and rigid, which offers speed and great power during use. Its conical solid spruce top aims to transform the vibrations of these strings into a rich and powerful sound. In addition, it allows to perfectly guarantee the level of resonance of the movement. The Kawai GL-10 E/P Grand also has longer keys. This can effectively make the game easier to read, but also ensures a smoother response. Thanks to its high profile and longer keys, the Kawai GL-10 E/P grand piano is capable of more efficient, high-performance transfers.

The Kawai GL-10 is simply the best 5'0" grand piano in the world today. With the most comprehensive set of music-enhancing features ever offered on a piano of this size, the GL-10 has everything a piano player needs to succeed: superb sound, exceptional touch, and a variety of unique design elements that will maintain its excellent performance for years to come.

2. Best Cheap: Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 Grand Piano

The Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 grand piano offers better and unique sound quality. It is intended for the beginner, because it has learning functions.

The Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 digital grand piano features 88 weighted keys with a shielded hammer action keyboard and three-way pickups. Its shiny black design and its famous lines can be a perfect decoration in your living room. It also has a complete automatic accompaniment with 230 different styles for all kinds of music that you will like to play with a Chord Finger mode, which is a real revolution for this type of piano.

The Classic Cantabile GP-A 810 grand piano has a large port and a built-in MP3 recorder. It also contains a 6.3mm jack microphone input and a USB MP3 recorder that allows direct recording to a USB key. But if you don't have a USB key, your recordings and files are saved to the internal recorder in MIDI format.

3. Best High-End: Steinway and M-170 Grand Piano Sounds

The Steinway and Sons M-170 grand piano is a medium-sized model. It is perfect for both professional and amateur use. This M-170 has great sensitivity to sound.

The M-170 model is an instrument of exceptional prestige. The Steinway et Sons M-170 grand piano is finely crafted in a metal frame with dimensions of 170 x 147 cm and a beautiful polished black finish. It is a unique piece thanks to the authentic sounds it produces. This M-170 grand piano proudly combines the joy of music with technology creating some pretty remarkable resonances.

In addition, the appearance of this grand piano M-170 has been finely studied to offer you an ornamental object for your living room. This instrument is capable of producing various scales through its keys. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, you will find in this 1929 M-170 grand piano all the acoustic sensations that will make your pads vibrate. Although it is medium in size, this piano provides great sound power and optimal polyphonic resonance. Its specific mechanical modulation offers comfort when playing perfect chords, allowing impeccable control of your tone.

4. Excellent: Yamaha - GC 1 M PE Grand piano

Manufactured by the Yamaha brand, the Yamaha GC1 grand piano is an extremely expressive and especially affordable instrument. This piano stands out for its warm sound.

The Yamaha GC 1 M PE has 88 well-thought-out keys to get the job done with ease, and 3 pedals (Damper, Soft, and Pitch) to hold a single pitch. A very good quality product with good material for a long period of use. This piano comes with a bench. In addition, the Yamaha brand is one of the best references in musical instruments.

The Yamaha GC1 M PE features a duplex system and a coveted rich sound feature. This piano weighs approximately 249 kg with dimensions of 161 cm long, 146 cm wide and 99 cm high. The soundboard and top bar are made from solid spruce to ensure a rich and powerful sound. As for the keys, they are covered with an acrylic and phenolic coating.

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