The best GPS collars for dogs

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GPS dog collars are ideal for tracking your 4-legged animal. This is the best solution against escape, limiting your movements, but also controlling their health.

Buying a dog is usually an investment, especially for certain breeds. Losing your dog during an escape or robbery can be tragic for the owner. Certain breeds of dog, such as the Jack Russell, the Yorkshire Terrier or even the Chihuahua, are known to be particularly fugitives. An online gps collar can bring some peace of mind to its owner. This is also the case for hunting dogs that can get lost in the woods. Here is our guide to the best GPS collars for dogs.

1. Tractive GPS DOG: real-time tracking and activity

Tractive GPS DOG is a fairly complete GPS collar for dogs. This model allows you to know the exact location of your dog. This is updated every 2 or 3 seconds. The mobile application also allows you to define a virtual fence, such as your garden and your house. If your four-legged friend leaves this area that you have marked, you will receive an alert message. Another message will notify you when it has returned to the area marked as safe.

Location history also allows you to see your dog's movements and thus learn about his habits and the places he especially likes. Tractive's online collars also go further by tracking your activity. You can also compare your activity to that of other dogs and set activity goals to get your companion in tip-top shape.

Fully waterproof and shockproof, it offers up to 5 days of battery life. Count a little less than 3 hours to recharge it. Please note, however, that a monthly subscription is required.

2. Weenect Dog 2: the smallest gps collar for dogs

Weenect Dog 2 is simply the smallest gps tracker collar for dogs. However, it is not the most modest, as it offers very interesting functions. With its mobile application you can see, in real time, the exact position of your dog, with no distance limit. You can also define a security zone, and receive an alert as soon as you leave it. Please note that the GPS location remains very accurate even in the forest or in areas less covered by mobile networks.

Interestingly, if you have multiple pets, the mobile app allows you to track them all with the same account. Weenect Connected Collars can also help train your pet to remember. The necklace is actually accompanied by a ringtone. By clicking the collar at mealtime or when receiving a reward, your dog will associate the event. That way, when he's away from you, all you have to do is jingle his collar to tell him that he should come back to you.

3. Whistle: the most complete GPS tracking collars

Without a doubt, Whistle offers one of the most complete online GPS collars for dogs. It is a real assistant to monitor the activity and well-being of your pet. In fact, the collar indicates, in real time, the position of your animal and alerts can be set if it leaves the area you have established. However, the device also goes much further when it comes to the health and well-being of your dog.

Whistle Connected GPS collars for dogs will also analyze and record your pet's activity. His physical activity of course, but also if he licks himself, if he scratches or even his sleep. You will be able to share this activity report with your vet through daily charts. The entire chronological breakdown of your partner's activity is recorded such as time spent running, playing, walking, sleeping, etc.

The mobile application will be able to advise you on the food to take your dog, the recommended food portions based on the analysis of his physical activity, his age, his breed and his weight. You can also set goals for your pet. The smartphone app also allows you to stay in touch with a vet who can answer your questions via chat, email or even over the phone. Please note that a monthly subscription is required.

4. Kippy Evo collar: for all pets

We recently found a new activity tracker that locates your dog. First of all, keep in mind that he is perfectly waterproof. Then let's focus on its featherweight 38g, which bothers your canine friend as little as possible. In addition, the battery life is very satisfactory. In fact, it only needs to be recharged every ten days or so.

Like other connected collars, the Kippy Evo model is capable of detailed monitoring of your pet's health and movements. You can count calories, the quality of your nights, the number of km traveled in a day, etc. Also, if he ever got lost for some reason, it would be easy to spot him no matter where he was. The "virtual leash" function is an anti-leash device that informs you via phone notification if your dog leaves the Bluetooth coverage perimeter.

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