Shokz OpenRun Pro: wireless bone conduction headphones

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Open run bone conduction headphones mean that sound is channeled through transducers that generate mini-vibrations that travel through the wearer's cheekbones, meaning the ears remain open for increased awareness.

The Shokz are some of the only headphones approved for major racing events around the world, promoting open-ear safety and allowing runners, cyclists and fitness fanatics to hear instructions.

Shokz OpenRun Pro Specifications

Weight: 29g

Announced autonomy: 10h

Charging time: 1 hour

Charging port: magnetic induction

Sealing: IP55

Bluetooth codec: SBC

Signal range: 10m

Microphones: 2

Shokz OpenRun Pro Design

No big changes to that aspect, Shokz kept his signature titanium headband with the electronics installed at its ends. They are also a bit shorter than in OpenRun. A couple of buttons and the headphone charging port are on the right. So that the drivers can be placed in front of our ears, Shokz has grafted them onto the end of two curved rods that surround the pinna from above. These do not change shape and retain the multifunction button on the left as well as the microphone duo on the right.

In contrast, the addition of bass amps on the inside comes with three grilles on each driver on the outside. A front, a back and a bottom. This certainly explains its IP55 certification instead of OpenRun's IP67. At Shokz, the record still belongs to the OpenSwim (formerly Xtrainerz) designed for swimming.

Getting started with OpenRun Pro

This design should please the vast majority of users and not bother them. The headband is both flexible and robust, there is no fear of breaking or twisting it when handling it. At a tiny 29 grams on the scale, extended use of the OpenRun Pro isn't particularly bothersome. Finally, the resistance to movement is still very good. That said, the OpenRun Pro model slides slightly without falling over when you shake your head forcefully from side to side. But this is not the case in classic OpenRun. These headphones don't move an iota during a jog or weight training session. In this context, it is also nice to maintain a good perception of the sound environment thanks to bone conduction.

First steps and commands

To get started, you need to press the power button on the far right of the bow for about a second. Extending it for an additional second or two initiates pairing mode. Note that the rest of the time, this button and the one next to it are used to manage the volume when the music starts and to give the battery level when no song is playing. Also, the multifunction button offers some basic controls.

Pause/play with one touch

Skip to the next track with two taps

Go back to the previous track with three touches

Start the voice assistant with a long press

Shokz OpenRun Pro Headphones - An App

For this model there is the Shokz app available on Android and iOS that should enrich our user experience. First of all, we may resent being forced to turn on location for it to work. The battery of our smartphones does not appreciate this imperative. Once paired with your phone, you have several options. For example, there is a choice between a standard equalization mode and a "vocal" mode. If the first corresponds to a default equalizer, the second enhances the media to make voices more audible, whether they come from a call, an audiobook or a podcast. In addition to this, it would be nice to incorporate an option to completely modify the equalizer to our liking from the application and create different listening profiles.

shokz app screenshots

Another interesting element, you can activate multipoint pairing to connect the OpenRun Pro to two devices at the same time. To change the source, it is necessary to interrupt the reading on the one with the hand and throw it on the one behind. The transition only takes a few seconds. And that's it!. It seems insignificant, but a triple press to return to the next song is not necessarily for everyone.

The sound of the Shokz OpenRun Pro

Unfortunately, this is not where bone conduction will shine. If you want to privilege this above all others, bet on classic headphones. On the other hand, to run around town and enjoy your playlist while maximizing the chances of not getting hit by a car, it's an interesting option. In general, the sound is still satisfactory for these uses.

And the quality of the microphones?

This is undoubtedly the good surprise that this product brings unto in a quiet environment, the duo of microphones on the right transducer picks up the voice very well. There is more audible background noise than normal. Nothing too serious for calls, we assure you. The results clearly don't have to be ashamed of another pair of wireless earphones in the same price range. And how is it in a noisy environment like the street or the subway? Then the noise cancellation technology of the two microphones comes into play and it is very effective.

The autonomy of OpenRun Pro

For its part, Shokz announces ten hours of autonomy either for music or calls. The brand also promotes fast charging. Depending on the brand, from 0 to 100% takes an hour of maximum time and five minutes of charging is enough to give an hour and a half of listening time. During our tests, OpenRun Pros ran for over 13 hours at 50% listening volume. However, you can easily exceed this value in the city or other noisy environment. So assume that for daily use you get the promised ten hours, not necessarily more.


They're great for listening to music during your sports activities, for maintaining full awareness of your sound environment while traveling around town, and for calling during all those hectic activities. Within the Shokz product line, these are the pair of headphones with the best sound, best battery life, and best microphones. Obviously, it is also the most expensive.

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