Marshall Emberton: Marshall's Compact Portable Speaker

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Portable speakers have become essential in the audio market. They deliver stunning performances condensed into minimalist formats.

Best known for its home speakers and amplifiers, Marshall wants to become a sure bet in the portable speaker market with its own flagship product.

Technical characteristics of the Marshall Emberton loudspeaker

– Weight : 700g

– Dimensions: 68 x 160 x 76 mm

– Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

– Water resistance: IPX7

– Autonomy: 20h

– Sensitivity: 87dB

– Power : 2×10W

– Stereo coupling: no

– 360° sound

Once the speaker is unboxed, we can get a first impression of its design. The appearance of the speaker is very minimalist. In keeping with the "portable" designation, it fits in your hand. In keeping with the brand's tradition, the speaker opts for an all-black design with a metal grille, gold accents, and "Marshall" lettering on the front panel. Marshall also made the Emberton easy to transport. The speaker's compact size makes it easy to slip into an already full bag and, at just 0.7kg, it doesn't add much extra weight.

Pairing with the Emberton speaker is pretty straightforward and just requires knowing how to navigate the Bluetooth settings. First, you need to turn on the speaker by holding down the gold button at the top. Once it's on, all you have to do is press the Bluetooth button to the left of the gold button to enter pairing mode. Then all you have to do is connect the speaker in the Bluetooth settings of the sound source (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

In terms of ergonomics, nothing really transcendent to report. There is a gold button at the top that controls power, pause, and track change, as well as volume adjustment. To the left of the power button is the Bluetooth button for pairing the speaker with a connection source, and to the right is a surprisingly accurate battery indicator.

The speaker does not have an auxiliary microphone jack. So we found a fairly simple grip, even quite minimalist, but was it necessary to do more? The Marshall Emberton offers everything a portable speaker needs in terms of ergonomics without being over the top. To turn on the speaker, simply press the power button for 3 seconds.

Performance: Condensed sound power in a small enclosure

As soon as the speaker is turned on, a sound signal quickly makes us understand that the Marshall Emberton is not there to have fun. The sound is remarkable for a model in this category thanks to its 2 10W transducers. The intensity of the bass in hip-hop music in particular is pleasantly surprising.

Although this speaker claims to offer 360-degree sound, it doesn't quite deliver. The feel is very close though, with sound outlets at the front and rear.

IPX7 rated water resistance

The point of having a portable speaker is that you can take it anywhere. As a result, it is more exposed to risks, in particular liquid splashes. Alcohol at night, splashes of water at the edge of a pool, or even humidity in the shower, your speaker can quickly get splashed. Marshall anticipated this problem in his portable speaker by offering it an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Autonomy and Marshall Emberton battery: up to 20 hours of use

The battery of a portable speaker usually ranges between 10 and 15 hours. Marshall guarantees a duration of use of up to 20 hours for its Emberton model. This performance can be achieved as long as the speaker is not used at full volume. For charging, this is done via a USB-C cable. The battery recovers 5 hours of use in 20 minutes and fully charges in almost 3 hours.

What range for Marshall Emberton speaker?

The speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0, which offers optimal connectivity quality. We did not find any clipping or disconnection during the entire listening test. For the scope, it is not exceptional, but it corresponds to the standard of what is done in the portable speaker market. It is possible to move about 10 meters away from the enclosure before you begin to experience interference.

Marshall Emberton: a speaker for whom?

This speaker is intended for all those who like to listen to music with quality sound in all circumstances. If you like to listen to music during the evenings with friends, when you walk by the pool in the middle of a summer afternoon, this speaker will satisfy you perfectly. Also, if you like powerful bass and deep tones, this portable speaker is for you. The only drawback: a small microphone built into the Bluetooth speaker would have been very nice, for times when you don't have access to your phone - which has the SoundLink Micro, for example.


Marshall pleasantly surprises with its first portable Bluetooth speaker. Marshall has analyzed market trends very well to offer a model that contains all the necessary features of a portable speaker. Waterproof, long battery life, intuitive ergonomics, and high-quality sound, the Marshall Emberton has it all to quickly become a portable benchmark. If you want to be updated, the Marshall Emberton 2 is your option.

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